Lampion Conversations: Louis Markos

Recently I spent the evening in Houston, Texas with Louis Markos, professor of literature at Houston Baptist University. I was well aware of his reputation and writings, and was eager to get to know him. He and his son, a classics major in college, met me at the Olive Garden. What I had assumed would be a couple hours of food, fellowship, and fun, and also business, turned into a wonderful four hours of stimulating conversation.

Lou is a unique person with lots of energy and a very fertile mind. We discussed the world of publishing, including his experiences and perspectives, and then launched into a discussion of projects that he had completed, and wanted to do. He had already written From A to Z to Narnia with C. S. Lewis, a fascinating and well-written interaction with C. S. Lewis and his works, but really wanted Lampion Press to publish his Letters to My Son and Letters to My Daughter, but by the time our evening ended, we had made plans for a series of works with him.

In addition to the Letters mentioned above (to be released in March 2015), the first of his fiction trilogy on ancient Greece, Narniaesque, called The Stepping Stone. This is intended for children but adults will enjoy reading it. Markos is prolific in his writing and has varied interests, as will be apparent with some of his titles being released in the next two to three years. I had a well known person say to me a while back, when I mentioned Markos writing From A to Z to Narnia with C. S. Lewis, “If you have Markos, you don’t need anyone else,” and I am beginning to understand his words.


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