Lampion Conversations: Tim Chaffey

On my recent trip to Baptist Bible Seminary to attend the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, I also had the opportunity to meet novelist Tim Chaffey, who has endorsed the new release by R. M. Huffman, entitled Leviathan, book 1 of The Antediluvian Legacy. The Tolkien-like novel has been written by R. M. Huffman, a medical doctor and fiction author.

Lampion Press is excited that his book on Noah, the first of three volumes, has finally been printed and will be available soon. Some of you may remember the recent movie Noah, that had wonderful cinematography, well-known actors, but had a horrible plot. R. M. Huffman’s novel on Noah and his times is greatly different. It has well-developed characters, a fascinating plot, lots of ferocious monsters and evil beings. It is an exciting read that maintains consistency with the biblical account of Noah and his times, but twists a tale that will keep you guessing.