Final Solutions, Then and Now

By Wayne Braudrick
“And when he learned of Mordecai’s ethnic identity, Haman decided not to do away with Mordecai alone. He planned to destroy all of Mordecai’s people, the Jews, throughout Ahasuerus’s kingdom …”It is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them. If the king approves, let an order be drawn up authorizing their destruction.”
(Esther 3:6, 8-9 HCSB)
Haman’s “final solution”
Haman’s dedicated hostility is astounding. The Jews have been conquered, their land stripped away. Only a small part of what God gave them is back in their hands and new peoples control almost all of the Middle East. Israel is just clinging to a tiny area and are totally surrounded by hostile forces. Most Jews don’t live in Israel and most of them are not at all religious. Only a few, like Mordecai, trust YHWH.
And yet they are all at risk because of hatred and racism. Haman is only the tip of the spear. A decree like this doesn’t get implemented if anti-Semitism weren’t widespread.
The latest “final solution”
Doesn’t this sound familiar? Surely you have noticed the insane rise in anti-Semitism – especially on US college campuses, in the Middle East, and in Europe. The talented journalist Brett Stephens has. In his weekly world affairs column, “Global View,” Mr. Stephens notes this chilling reality:
Daniel Polisar, an Israeli political scientist, recently published a fascinating study in Mosaic magazine of Palestinian public opinion based on 330 polls conducted over many years. It makes for some bracing reading.
“When asked hypothetically if Israel’s use of chemical or biological weapons against Palestinians would constitute terror, 93 percent said yes,” notes Mr. Polisar. “But when the identical question was posed regarding the use of such weapons of mass destruction by Palestinians against Israelis, only 25 percent responded affirmatively.”
Other details: In December 2014, 78% of Palestinians expressed support for “attempts to stab or run over Israelis” in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Only 20% were opposed. Palestinians have also consistently supported terrorist attacks against Israelis within Israel’s original borders, “often by as much as six to one.”
As for the idea of sharing the land, only 12% of Palestinians agreed that “both Jews and Palestinians have rights to the land.”…Most Palestinians also think Israel won’t be around in 30 or 40 years, either “because Arab or Muslim resistance will destroy it” or on account of its “internal contradictions.” Where is the sense in agreeing to relinquish through negotiations…what be yours in deed tomorrow? – Brett Stephens in The Wall Street Journal 10 November 2015
That’s Haman! He sees no need to negotiate with or understand Mordecai because he feels confident he can get the world power to just wipe those Jews out. Think, friends. Both modern Israel and Jewish persons are capable of all kinds of wrong and must be held accountable. Yet, when the rhetoric stems from a dedication to deny Hebrew people life and land, we must note and repudiate the work of Haman and his ideological progeny.


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