Lampion Conversations: Wayne Braudrick

Wayne Braudrick is the pastor of the Frisco Bible Church, in Frisco, Texas. My first meeting with him dispelled my expectations of a successful pastor, and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, where I was taught, whose focus was largely on teaching the Bible and leading a large Dallas area church. Certainly he is all that, but he is so much more. Since I have had considerable interest in the Greco-Roman world for most of my life, I was taken back when I discovered his knowledge of the Roman world. This had been part of his early training, and though I had been to Rome several times, I found out a lot of interesting places that I had never seen, of which he had considerable knowledge. I can hardly wait to go back to see the early Christian church near the Coliseum and visit the Irish priest who watches over it.

Wayne Braudrick is a well-educated man (Th.M. from Dallas Seminary, and Ph.D. from XYZ), who has a great sense of humor and a heart for God and his people. Lampion Press had published his Whatever Happened to Manhood?, a down-to-earth presentation of the needs of men to “step up to the plate” and fulfill their God-given roles. Lampion has recently published the Study Guide to accompany the original book, which will make it ideal for a men’s study group, or use in Sunday School classes. I met with Wayne (I like that name) to encourage him to write, or have someone else of his choosing to write, a companion volume Whatever Happened to Womanhood?, which he is now in the process of doing. His Bible based and practical teaching also caused me to talk to him about other similar works, which we look forward to publishing. Look also for Wayne Braudrick’s Christmas volume, called Luke’s Curious Christmas, was released recently in light of the Christmas season.

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