A Journey To Hope


Healing the Traumatized Spirit

The tragedies and traumas of war are enormous and the consequences of it change forever the lives of those who return as well as the lives of loved ones and friends of those who do and do not return. For many veterans the psychological battles continue long after combat deployments end. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder significantly affects many people and is not limited solely to war trauma.

In this volume of hope and healing the authors recount their ongoing journey to hope. In an intensely personal yet broadly applicable discussion of PTSD, Mike and Kathy Langston provide encouragement and hope for all who struggle with the ravages of PTSD or who love someone who struggles with it. This is a powerful story proclaiming that recovery is possible and that the past need not control the present or the future.


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About the authors:

Michael and Kathy Langston have been married over thirty years, and are parents of three children. Michael retired after 36 years of service (30 active) in the U.S. Marine Corps (infantry officer) and the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps receiving a diagnosis of severe PTSD after his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Kathy, a native of Greenville, South Carolina, embraced military spouse life and enjoyed her ministry with Navy and marine Corps spouses. She currently teaches professional communication at the University of South Carolina.

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