Science and the Knowledge of God


A Look at the Biblical Doctrines of the Identity and Nature of God Through the Eyes of a Scientist.

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Christian truths were foundational to the beginnings of modern science, with many of the great architects of various scientific fields of study being devout believers in God.  Most of them were Christians. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, this connection between Christianity and science became fractured.  Isaac Newton demonstrated that there were natural laws that governed the world, and many scientists carried this to a conclusion that banished God from the world of science.

But the move to exclude God from science was premature. In recent years, a variety of previously accepted views held by many within the scientific community (such as the Steady State theory of the universe, or hard-and-fast Darwinian evolutionary theory) have given way to belief in a universe that came into existence instantaneously by a cause outside of itself.  The relevance of humanity—who we are, our destiny and our dignity—has been removed in anti-theistic circles, and no real purpose of life or hope for the future has been articulated to fill the void apart from belief in God.

Many Christians within the scientific community understand that there is no true separation of the Creator from the creation, and that true knowledge (scientia, or knowledge) is in reality consistent with a proper knowledge of God.

About the Author:

John D. Gibbon is Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. He was an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham and received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Manchester. He has published more than 100 research papers and co-authored two books.

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