The ABCs of Love


This is a story that will touch the hearts of children and their families. It traces the dream of a little girl named Susie through the series of alphabet letters; each letter blooming into an image of a child who has either graced heaven or is still on earth. Inspired by her gentle mother’s lesson to “plant seeds of love,” Susie drifts into a seed-filled dream where each planted seed becomes a letter and a portrait that honors every “forever friend” she has met.

Based on author Susan Posterro and her mother’s realized dream of comforting hurting children through the touch of handmade blankets, this book captures the spirit of their foundations, Binkeez for Comfort, through a tale of a soft-spoken encouragement by a mother and the sweet dream of her daughter.

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About the Author:

Susan R. Posterro is the Founder and Executive Director of Binkeez for Comfort, a Guide Star Platinum-rated 501c3 non-profit organization that supports sacred pediatric communities; those of babies and children struggling to survive life-threatening illnesses and acute developmental disorders.

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