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Thoughts From India

By John D. Gibbon The last ten days I have been residing in the big Indian city of Bangalore, home to 15 million people. Its southern area is also home to India’s Silicon Valley (Electronic City). It is also the home of India’s premier scientific institution, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), as well as the […]

Star Wars and the Force

By John D. Gibbon The release of the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”, after its premier in LA on December 14th, has evoked a predictable media frenzy. For years, friends of my own generation — devout Star Wars fans from the beginning — have half-jokingly signed their emails “May the force be with you […]

Thoughts From Vienna

By John D. Gibbon This week I am in Vienna at the Wolfgang Pauli Institute (University of Vienna) speaking at a fluid turbulence meeting. The grand and beautiful Viennese baroque palaces tell the story of a once powerful Empire that ruled over half of Europe before its sudden collapse in 1918. At that time, the Europeans […]